Terms of Service

This Term of services are an extension of the Engineering Business Services General Term of services, which are also to be read and accepted by the client upon subscription.

Engineering Business Services Limited reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, effective immediately upon posting of the modification to this URL: https://pej.vu/terms-and-conditions/. In consideration of the mutual covenants herein, the parties agree to the following, which shall apply during the term of this agreement:

  1. Domain Name Registration
    • We make no representation that the domain name you wish to register is capable of being registered by or for you or that it will be registered in your name. You should therefore not assume registration of your requested domain name(s) until you have been notified that it has or they have been registered. Any action taken by you before such notification is at your risk.
    • The registration and use of your domain name is subject to the terms and conditions of use applied by the relevant naming authority; you shall ensure that you are aware of those terms and conditions and that you comply with them. You shall have no right to bring any claim against us in respect of refusal to register a domain name. Any administration charge paid by you to us shall be non-refundable notwithstanding refusal by the naming authority to register your desired name.
    • We shall have no liability in respect of the use by you of any domain name; any dispute between you and any other person must be resolved between the parties concerned in such dispute. If any such dispute arises, we shall be entitled, at our discretion and without giving any reason, to withhold, suspend or cancel the domain name. We shall also be entitled to make representations to the relevant naming authority but will not be obliged to take part in any such dispute.
    • We shall not release any domain to another provider unless full payment for that domain has been received by us.
    • If you are registering or transferring a domain name you must also agree to the Domain Name Registration Agreement.
  2. General Hosting
    • You will not employ programs which consume excessive system resources including, but not limited to, processor cycles and memory.
    • We reserve the right to remove any material which we deem inappropriate from your web site without notice.
    • You shall observe the procedures which we may from time to time prescribe and shall make no use of the Server which is detrimental to our other customers.
  3. Shared Hosting
    • If you surpass your allotted disk/bandwidth usage as set forth in your purchased plan, you agree to purchase the excess in blocks as set forth in our “plans” section. Such payment to be immediate and non-disputable.
  4. Dedicated HOSTING
    • The User will not alter in any way the default user EBS creates on dedicated servers for their management needs. This includes, renaming, changing the password or any content in the home directory of EBS user.
    • The user shall not modify any Server configuration that could cause him, or EBS, to lose access to his server. If this should happen, depending on the situation EBS might bill the extra time spent to restart the server.
  5. Dedicated server management level
    • EBS Provides several level of administration to fit more advanced needs:
      • Do it yourself: By default, EBS manages the hosting platform hardware and checks that the User’s server is started. EBS also makes weekly backups of the system.
      • Standard Support: EBS will provide daily and weekly backups. A meeting with the client will be set to agree on the list of services to monitor in a list of standard checks, defining the scope of service.
      • Premium Support: This level of service guarantees a longer retention of backups, custom service monitoring and protection and covers all installation fees, a meeting will be held with the client to define the scope of service.
    • If the user requests action on their environment that falls outside of their service level, a quote will be issued by EBS according to complexity before any action is undertaken.
  6. Service level agreement
    • An emergency level CRITICAL is characterized by a total disruption of services defined in the scope.
    • An emergency level WARNING is characterized by a degraded service within the scope.
    • Response time depends on the level of service subscribed:
      • Do it yourself: EBS will answer to requests made via the client area within business hours to the best of possibilities.
      • Standard Support: EBS will answer tickets and alarms categorized as Critical within 4hours and Warning within 8h.
      • Premium Support: EBS will answer/call back phone calls within 1h and respond to tickets and alarms within 4h.