Getting there with our fifth tutorial!

In our series “Create your own website for cheap” the goal is to allow you to create a website on your own.

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This article is part of a list of easy to use tutorials and all previous steps should be taken before:

Create my website step 1 : Order my hosting

Create my website step 2 : Install WordPress

Create my website step 3 : Install a new Theme

Allow users to navigate inside your website!

Menus are a list of common links that are usually displayed as the main navigation for your site. The menu location can vary depending on your theme, and some themes offer additional menus.


You have the UserName and Password for your WordPress Admin account as we will be setting up some menus on the New WordPress websites

Step 1: Defining the Menu

You must define a menu before you can add items to it.

  1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard
  2. From the ‘Appearance’ menu on the left-hand side of the Dashboard, select the ‘Menus’ option to bring up the Menu Editor
  3. Select Create a new menu at the top of the page
  4. Enter a name for your new menu in the Menu Name box (for example main menu) and click Create Menu

You should now be able to see your new menu

Step 2: Adding the Items to the Menu

You can add different link types into your menu, these are split between panes left of the menu you’re currently editing

  1. Select your newly created menu and click Select to edit your new created Menu.
  2. Locate the pan titled Pages, and select View all to see the list of pages
  3. Select one of the pages you wish and click Add to Menu
  4. At the bottom of your Menu Structure, Select Display Location as Primary Menu. This makes you main menu becomes default, then click Save Menu
  5. You should now have your new menus populated for you.

Note: You can create more pages from the Pages tab and continue to add to your Menu and continue to add information to your pages.