Welcome again on the path to creating your website!

In our series “Create your own website for cheap” the goal is to allow you to create a website on your own.

Our hosting is secure, located in beautiful Vanuatu by your faithful and motivated PEJ.vu team.

This article is part of a list of easy to use tutorials and all previous steps should be taken before:  Create my website step 1 : Order my hosting

Let’s start building this website

Step 1. Connect to your control panel

Login to your EBS-CLOUD.vu client area and navigate to your list of active products. Click on your web hosting and on the left menu click on “Login to cPanel

Step 2. Word Press Manager

Your control panel gives you a lot of options but don’t be afraid, in this tutorial we will only use one. Other tutorials will explain other options later on.

Find the option called “WordPress Manager” and click on it. You should see a message “No compatible WordPress sites exist on this cPanel account“, that’s right we didn’t install it yet.

Click on “Create site“.

Step 3. Install WordPress

In this page you will find the domain name you ordered with the previous tutorial, just click “install“.

After a few second the screen will give you your login/password to connect to your admin area, write it down, you will need them every time you want to modify your website!

Step 4. Access your website and it’s admin area

Congratulations, you have installed WordPress.

If you connect to your domain “http://yourwebsite.vu” you will see your newly created website!

Connect to your admin area using the login password you were given previously by connecting to “http://yourwebsite.vu/wp-admin”.

Of course you can find this article in our Knowledge Base, a collection of tutorials and frequently asked questions that will grow bigger and bigger as YOU ask US questions so do not hesitate to contact us!

You’re all set, next week we will show you how to customize your WordPress with a custom theme !