Welcome to our first tutorial

In our series “Create your own website for cheap” the goal is to allow you to create a website on your own.

Our hosting is secure, located in beautiful Vanuatu by your faithful and motivated PEJ.vu team.

If you’re still wondering if you should get a website we provide some hints in this article :  Why would I need a website ?

So, are you ready ?

You’ll see, it’s easy and it’s cheap!

Step 1.  

Login to our website @  https://PEJ.vu

Step 2.

Scroll down and choose the hosting plan that suits you the best. They are called Pikinini, Bigwan or Chief and have different things included. Pikinini hosting is enough for a small company willing to make a website presenting your company or even a small e-commerce website to sell your products online! Click “Order Now” on the chosen package.

Step 3.

A domain name is what people use to access your site, like “PEJ.vu” or “google.com”.

Find a cool domain name ending in “.vu”, “.com.vu”, “.com”, “.net” or “.org” (if you require other domain names we can also provide them, feel free to contact us), and search if it is not yet used via the check button.

You will receive confirmation if your tested domain name is not yet used. You can also choose to use a free domain name ending in PEJ.vu, like “myawesometour.pej.vu” to keep it even cheaper!

Step 4.

Click on the ADD button under your chosen available domain name and extension to add it to your order then click continue.

Step 5.

On the next screen you can add more space, monthly bandwidth or email addresses. But for starting, you don’t really need that. Click continue

Step 6.

You can chose options for your domain:

  • Domain management means that you can ask EBS to manage your newly created domain for you instead of doing it yourself.
  • ID protection will hide your personal information on the internet. International regulations require that you provide your contact details if you need to be contacted about your website, this way they will contact EBS that will contact you. This keeps you from receiving SPAM

Step 7.

Check your final order and click “Checkout” if everything is alright.

Step 8.

Enter your personal information so we know who you are and choose the means of payment, if you pay by credit card, your hosting will be automatically created and you will be able to use it right away. If you choose to pay by cash, check or Bank transfer you will be given the information necessary for payment and we will create the hosting once payment has been received.

Step 9.

You’re done, you can connect to your website’s control panel to configure your new website by following this tutorial.

Of course you can find this article in our Knowledge Base, a collection of tutorials and frequently asked questions that will grow bigger and bigger as YOU ask US questions so do not hesitate to contact us!

You’re all set, next week we will show you how to install WordPress to create and manage your website easily !