Everyone else is doing it” is clearly not a satisfactory answer for a business owner. We understand you already have a lot to work on. So let’s see why we think it is important for businesses to create a website in Vanuatu and select PEJ.vu as your hosting provider. We will show you how it can save you time and help you grow your business, and even, help you save some money.

Create an online presence

Word to mouth is the cornerstone of successful businesses. If you work well, the word spreads and you will get more leads. But it has its limitations. By creating a website you are visible from everywhere. There are 4 billions people connected to the internet over the world, and it is always growing. By creating a website you can touch those potential clients, in your country and abroad, and by choosing PEJ.vu shared hosting you make sure to be online 24/7.

Communicate 24/7

Receiving heaps of phone calls everyday from people who want to know about your products, prices, availability and such ? More and more people are turning to online search to find information about companies. By hosting a website with PEJ.vu you can show off your work, create customer relationship and be contacted through your website, saving you a lot of time, even when you are at the nakamal.

Professional image

Choosing a good domain name is the first important choice to make when creating website. A domain name is the readable address of you website, like Google.com or PEJ.vu. It must represent the company and be easy to remember. While you can choose to get a free domain name in mycompany.pej.vu (replace mycompany by your choice of domain name) it is recommended you select a distinctive domain name such as mycompany.vu. This way the website can be found more easily and have emails sent as myname@mycompany.vu, which looks more professional.

You can book your domain name online through PEJ.vu at the same time you order your hosting service.

Increase sales

This is clearly one’s first goal. By increasing visibility and image seriousness your company will already be more attractive. By creating an online shop a company can increase sales without working so much more. Communicate about your products and allow people to buy them directly from their home.

PEJ.vu will provide tutorials on its blog on how to create a website, a shop and use our online Payment Gateway to allow people to pay by credit card directly from your website. So be sure to subscribe to our mailing list.

Reliant hosting for as low as 400 VT a month

This is the best part, PEJ.vu offers to host websites for as low as 400 vatu a month! Select the plan you prefer on PEJ.vu, pay online and you can have your hosting ready today!